Essential Oxygen Hydrogen Peroxide

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 These bottles being shipped out now do NOT stand up straight and are bubbled (some more then others) at the bottom. It has NOT affected the quality of the Hydrogen Peroxide. If you have purchased this before keep your original bottle and then just add the HP into the new bottle. The bubbled out because of the air pressure on the airplane when originally shipped from the company. We are offering them at a discounted rate because of the hassle! 

Hydrogen Peroxide is amazing at fading pigmentation, healing the skin and acne, and adding oxygen back into the skin. Also helpful to whiten the teeth, and to use as a mouth rinse. Ours comes with a sprayer top for ease of use. 

Directions: Spray the peroxide into a clean hand and then pat onto the face. Do NOT spray directly on the face unless you want to have white eyebrows! Great for spot treatments, acne, cuts and scrapes to disinfect the area. 

Use morning and night for severe pigmentation or spots. Use right after the scrub. 

For the mouth rinse, just spray a couple sprays into the mouth, and then swish for a minute or two. May sting if you have a mouth burn or a mouth sore, but it will heal it faster. 

Spray directly on cuts and scrapes to disinfect. It may slightly bubble up and sting a bit as well.