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Welcome to Salis Skincare where we care deeply about your skin and want to help you have the best skin possible! Salis is actually Latin for “Salt” and we believe that salt can be a great healer for your skin. That’s why we developed an all-natural and organic salt scrub face wash for your skin. At Salis Skincare we do facials as well as retail our scrubs.

We believe that beauty and radiant skin begin with what you put on the inside and outside of your body. You will never find any harsh chemicals or questionable ingredients here. We never will skimp on ingredients; we only offer the best products that we feel safe using. Come on in and try our scrubs and feel the difference with Salis. Your skin will never feel the same again!

Laura Bradford Howe, Holistic Esthetician

Well hello there! Thank you for coming to our site! I am the owner of Salis Skincare. I started Salis Skincare because I wanted to help people of all ages achieve beautiful skin. I had really bad acne for 13 years of my life. It was horrible and very embarrassing. I actually went on Accutane twice – which I do not recommend. Only after changing my diet and what I put on my skin, did it dramatically improve! Now I love sharing ways that can help any person improve their skin with simple and easy changes. I really believe that anyone can heal his or her skin, especially after my own painful journey.

After graduating from Brigham Young University, I decided to pursue my passion in skincare. I received my esthetics license at Dallas Roberts Academy. I started out with offering facials at Salis Skincare located in Image Studios in Draper. Since I had been telling so many people to use salt in their skincare, I also decided to start manufacturing a salt scrub that people could use to wash their faces everyday. After researching different brands of salt scrubs on the market, I decided to create my own; one that contains pure, mineral-rich salt and high-quality, organic ingredients. After making this simple one-step cleanser and moisturizer for friends and family, I decided to start retailing my products at my spa.  The response has been phenomenal!

I also am very passionate about teaching skincare and have taught numerous classes at Real Foods Market in Orem and Heber, Utah. I have also been a guest speaker at The Healing & Wholeness Expo, The LDS Holistic Conference 2012, Skin Science Institute, Snow College, Utah Valley University, and various church groups.

I have helped many people get better skin with my skincare line, various products, and other simple tips and tricks. Skincare is my passion, and I hope to help you with any skin problems that you may have!

Thank you for stopping by!