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Cedarwood Salt Scrub

Cedarwood Salt Scrub

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Cedarwood has historically been used to treat skin infections and ulcers of the skin. It has more of a musky scent, so it is more popular among men. But many women love it as well. It honestly kind of smells like Valentine's Day candy to some. It also may help with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and itchy skin (Nature’s Farmacy- Lorene Davies). 


Scoop out with a small spatula or clean hands. Spread the scrub over your face and/or body. Leave it on as a mask for 10 minutes, and rinse with warm water. You don’t need to scrub it off, unless you would like additional exfoliation. For extra hydration, rub the oil residue into your skin, it will absorb more deeply than an actual moisturizer and may also help with wrinkles.

May be used in the shower daily. A little stinging is natural and means the salt scrub is helping to heal your skin. If severe irritation occurs, wash gently with warm water.

The salt has a natural anti-biotic ability to destroy bad bacteria on the skin. The oil that is left on the skin after rinsing off the scrub is designed to moisturize the skin. Oils can be better at penetrating the skin because they have a smaller molecular structure that allow better absorption into the skin. The scrub will moisturize the skin more deeply than an actual moisturizer. This penetration of oil may also help with wrinkles.  You can use a moisturizer after, but most people have found that they don’t need it after using the scrub for a few days.

Many customers have noticed pigmentation lighten, better skin tone, blackheads lessen, and scars that are less noticeable. Acne and sores may heal after two weeks. The salt may also significantly alleviate any redness in the skin. You will definitely feel a difference with this scrub and your skin will be healthy and glowing in no time!

Redmond Real Salt™, Nourishing & Healing Certified Organic Jojoba, Redmond Clay, and Premium Grade Cedarwood Essential Oil.