Before and After for Maranda

Loved getting this photo from @marandawhiting She says “The first photo was right after I went to see you and the second is one I took today. Both I have zero makeup on. My acne and redness is so much better. Just some scarring still healing. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me.” You are very welcome! And we are so glad you finally got the results you were looking for! We asked her what helped the most and she said using our products helped with overall texture of skin, redness, and evened out skin tone. Drinking the clay water consistently also helped with breakouts. Hooray for healing skin!

Nelssie Before and After

Loved getting this photo from Nelssie. She had been trying to get rid of her acne for a long time! When she came to see me, it took a long time to extract everything. Now, she doesn’t even need to wear makeup!!! WOW! She did Mini HydraFacials about every other month and used the Lavender & Jasmine and Sandalwood Scrub. She also used the Blackhead mask, and seriously, she became a poreless wonder. I couldn’t believe the change in her pore size. She also would wear less foundation makeup around the house, and then she slowly started wearing less foundation because she didn’t need to. It allowed her skin to breathe and heal. Of all my clients, I am SO proud of this one!


"For me, skincare has ALWAYS been a top priority. I dealt with acne for years guys and it was humiliating! I've used accutane and all the creams out there (anyone even know what I'm talking about?) after I got married I started breaking out again and having kids made it worse! I've worked hard to find something good for my skin that works. 

That's why when I found @salis_skincare I got hooked! What other product uses salt (a natural healer) to cleanse your skin? I hadn't heard of a single one! But it makes sense right? This is 100% #notsponsored I just really really enjoy screaming from the rooftops when something works and is a natural product! Hard to find these these days!"

-Thanks for the sweet review Lacey!