Why I don't ever use coconut oil on my face.

images-13 Since I am an esthetician I talk to women all the time about their skin. I hear many complaints about what is wrong with their skin and what they want to do to make it look better. I have lots of women tell me that they use coconut oil on their face and they've been using it for years. So while I do recommend using oil on the face, I definitely do NOT recommend using coconut oil on the face anymore. Yes, I used to recommend it all the time! I thought it was the greatest thing ever, it has natural sunscreen and it has so many benefits! However, I noticed that in many of my skincare classes, women of European descent (their ancestors came over from Europe) would have bad reactions (rashes to redness) from using coconut oil. I did lots of research after that. I read in a few books that recommend never using coconut oil on the face. In fact, David Wolfe author of "Eating for Beauty" said to not  put it on the nose or the forehead because it can clog pores! And if there was one thing I didn't want, it was clogged pores. So one day I was actually reading "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" by Weston A. Price when I had my epiphany about coconut oil. A quick summary of the book is this dentist found no tooth decay in people who lived off the land with their food and didn't eat refined sugars.  I applied this theory to skincare products. Coconuts didn't grow native to where my ancestors lived, or to where I lived now. So maybe coconut oil wasn't the best option for me. It seemed to do really well for people who's ancestry was from around the equator, but just not for any one that had European ancestry. I did more research and found that coconut oil has a larger molecular structure, and people that live around the equator have darker skin, and their thicker skin can handle and absorb coconut oil.  That's why my skin couldn't handle it!  I also looked at what grew naturally to Europeans, and I've found that many people of European descent do really well with sweet almond, olive, and apricot. My skin does really well with Jojoba oil that grows in the U.S. which is where I live. It's not that coconut oil is bad, I will sometimes use it as a sunscreen on my arms & legs in the summer. Or I'll sometimes use products that have coconut oil and my skin does well.  But as an everyday face oil, I've found that Jojoba works wonders! And I don't have to sit it on a window sill if it gets cold. What's even worse is fractionated coconut oil (which makes it stay as a liquid) which is a refined oil, should never be used on the skin. I get a lot of surprised looks when I tell light skinned women to not used coconut oil on their face! In fact, many argue with me. But try it for yourself! See if another oil works better on your skin. Also, experiment with oils to see which one your skin does best with! Also, try our Salis Salt Scrub Face wash! It's in the Shop section. The scrub has Jojoba  in it, which seems to be very beneficial to my skin - amazed at the vast difference from using coconut and other oils. Check it out! Have a question? Ask below!


  • good info! thanks!

  • Hi Melanie-

    That is so not fun. Unfortunately, that is a harder spot to fix! However, I always believe that the skin is constantly rejuvenating itself. I would try Calendula oil from Bodyceuticals (also in my calendula scrub) or try Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Olive, and Seasame. You can also try using Surthrival’s Colostrum on your problem spot overnight. Make a paste with water and apply it really thick to the area, and leave on overnight. I’ve noticed it helped lighten my wrinkles on my forehead. Hope that helps!

    Salis Skincare
  • I have very fair skin and I have many deep wrinkles above my upper lip. I have never smoked yet I have worse “smokers lines” that people 2x my age who did/do smoke. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked and I was going to try coconut oil (have tried other oils, glycolic acid facials, regular facials, $$$$$$ skin care products). Do you have any suggestions to help me.


  • Maryam- does your heritage come from around the equator? Do you have darker skin? I’ve found that it works on most with ethnic skin, but not on caucasian skin. I would try Jojoba, or Calendula and then rotate with coconut oil to see which one works the best!

    Salis Skincare
  • Regarding your last line, how long should I use the oil to tell wether it is good for me or to move to anothe oil .?.


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